To become an expert Job Seeker, you need to be prepared. Finding a new job can be time-consuming, daunting and frustrating even in a buoyant market. This new Covid-19 environment requires different tactics to be successful.

Now more than ever with the current COVID-19 situation you need to be organised and at the top of your game. You need to be able to hit the ground running when there are opportunities and have all the tools in your toolkit to succeed in landing that job you want. You may need to re-think your next career move when the dust settles from COVID-19, and look at your transferable skills. A Job Search Coach will work with you to find other options and help you to think outside the square.

The market is candidate-rich and job-poor, making it highly competitive. Having guidance and support from a professional and experienced Job Search Coach is crucial at this time for success and to accomplish your goals. It makes a huge difference! You can be confident and safe in the knowledge that you have done everything in your power to make the employer’s job really easy, and that is to choose you!

  • Know how to uncover the “hidden job market” – plan an effective job search strategy
  • Have a well-written CV that showcases what you offer to the employer
  • Know the best way to apply for jobs using a tailored approach with your CV and cover letter
  • Be well-prepared with your interview answers – there are many common questions
  • Learn how to navigate the tricky questions in an interview
  • Understand the impact of body language and have your best interview outfit ready
  • Have the right attitude and mindset to stay positive on the journey

About Helen Corban


Helen is a professional Coach who has a wealth of experience in business, training and coaching. Among other roles, she has worked in the employment and recruitment industry for over 8 years, managing employment programmes and coaching individuals to success in their job search journey. Helen has a large network of employers. Helen has the ability to work with individuals at all stages of their career, from all backgrounds. Helen’s style of coaching is focused, pragmatic, also kind and empathetic. With 15 years delivering time management training and coaching Helen is also strategic and focuses on planning, the key to victory in landing the job you want. She understands what you need to do to succeed in the current job market and can help you achieve your objectives. Helen has a large network of employers, always collaborating, to help employers and job candidates connect.

About Douwe Hoogstra


Douwe is an experienced Business and Life coach. He is a partner in Love Your Business, who are business coaches, and originally developed the Be Bold mindset programme for their work with clients. Be Bold is now also extensively used in life coaching settings. Besides working with his own direct clients, Douwe works collaboratively in joint programmes with other coaches and consultants, delivering the Be Bold programme. Douwe understands what employers are looking for, and appreciates what it takes to up-level. Douwe is totally passionate about personal empowerment, and loves helping people be the best version of themselves. He calls himself an Uncompromising Friend, and he never gives up. He takes a partnership approach, and works hard with his clients to achieve their full potential and vision. His motto is ‘whatever it takes’. 

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The Covid-19 situation creates a significantly changing environment. What seemed reasonably predictable before, has now turned into massive uncertainty for many. This creates a lot of fear and anxiety and is consciously or subconsciously triggering us on a number of levels. Perhaps you have experienced a redundancy situation, and that has knocked you around also. Double whammy.
It will take something, to get a job in the current environment. You need to stand out from the crowd and shine through. You need to totally own yourself. That takes confidence and an empowered mindset. You need to Be Bold!
Be Bold is a break-through mindset philosophy and method. It is about increasing self-awareness and taking responsibility for your mental operating state. The access points are identifying core beliefs and values and the realisation that everyone has a choice between the main operating states once they become aware of them.
The programme includes effective and practical tools to help improve your mindset and create sustainable changes. Be Bold will also greatly assist you to be more creative, productive, and persistent.
Be Bold is delivered online in a mix of 1:1 and group programmes. Working in a small group with others also ready to up-level, is very powerful, and significantly adds to the dynamic and learning experience.

This is what others say about Be Bold

  • “The tools gained on the Be Bold course have been invaluable to me both in my personal and business life. I am now aware of the things I do that are holding me back. More importantly I now have strategies to overcome these things so I can achieve my goals.”

  • “Be Bold is a life changing moment to reflect and find an active way to move forward in growth, freedom and greater understanding of yourself and those around you. A great way to become a better version of you with less baggage and a whole new perspective. Don’t hold back, you get out what you invest.”

Get Started – An Effective CV $349 + GST

Your CV is a crucial tool in your job search. The goal of your CV is to get you an interview.

Build a fantastic CV with your Job Search Coach, helping to showcase best what you offer.
CV & Application Strategy $549 + GST

Applying for a role in the right way is crucial to succeeding in your job search journey.

CV, cover letter, job application process and a proactive strategy targeting the right roles.
Job Ready - Nail that Interview $849 + GST

Now that you have an interview learn all the tips and tricks to nail the interview with confidence!

CV, application process, strategy and 1:1 interview coaching. Be your best!
The Works PLUS Be Bold Kickstarter $1499 + GST

Get your mind in the game, and be interview ready! Mindset plays a massive part in being successful in any area of life. During these online sessions we will be exploring your mindset, and providing you with the knowledge and resources to get out of your own way, into action and forward momentum to get the job you want, and achieve the things you want in life. Combine this with a brilliant CV and being interview ready, you are setting yourself up for success!

Understand your beliefs that stop or slow your current success
Get super clear on your direction, and what is important to you
Discover tools around making the best decisions for yourself and for getting a job
Learn how to get your mind in the game and have fun in the process of getting a job
Learn how to get organised, balance work and life, and achieve lots
Build the basics of your CV yourself using a template
Job Search Coach works with you 1:1 to best describe your skills/strengths/achievements
Finalise wording and format with Job Search Coach – final grammar check
Understand the relevant Job Search Strategy for you in your industry
Apply for the right jobs – learn how to decipher job ads and job descriptions
Write and tailor your CV and cover letter correctly so you get noticed
Understand the do’s and don’ts with body language and how the right interview outfit can make or break the interview
Gain confidence to answer the interview questions through practice and 1:1 coaching
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What past clients say

  • A lasting impression.

    I have known Helen through my time at the Chamber Migrant programme. She is a very inspiring and creative personality who gets along with anyone and everyone. Her ability to connect with different cultures is amazing. I have learnt a lot through her during my transition into the country as a new Kiwi. She has a remarkable effect on people she meets with and ends up leaving a lasting impression. I wish her all the best in her endeavours and hope that she continues her good work.

    Mirza Qiadath
  • Thanks again Helen.

    Helen had been a huge help in assisting me with proper ways of dealing with unemployment. She is kind, vibrant, and always accommodating. She is an asset of great value to immigrants she assisted. Thanks again Helen. You’re a true inspiration.

    Stephen Valena
  • Highly recommended!

    Helen is an excellent teacher and programme facilitator. She was very open and generous with her knowledge about the subject matter, with many interesting examples and stories to illustrate some of the key content of the course. In addition, Helen was very helpful, offering to help the students even after the completion of the course. Highly recommended!

    Matthys Meintjes