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“We started a new digital agency 8 months ago and Helen from Reach Potential was recommended to us as a business coach. From the first meeting with Helen we could see that she was passionate about our business growth and she instantly became an intelligent, insightful and valuable external member of our leadership team.
In 8 months we have grown into a viable, thriving business and Helen’s help has been exactly what we needed to keep the growth sustainable and focused. She was the guiding external voice that kept us focused and on-track.
If you are looking for a great business coach then we highly recommend Helen – be ready to be accountable and not just sit and “chat”. Helen is all about making positive change and getting things DONE.
We cannot thank her enough for her help.”

Tom Steward | CEO | Trigger Digital

“I have been working with Helen Corban of Reach Potential as my Business Coach since January 2020 during this challenging Covid environment. As well as having an existing business, I purchased another business at the end of 2019 and it has been an incredibly stressful time managing everything especially with restrictions of lockdowns and supplier issues. Working with Helen has been absolutely fantastic. She always understands what I need, and one of the best things has been her consistent moral support. She always checks in, reaches out and I know she is there for me whenever I need anything. Helen is excellent to deal with, friendly and professional. Helen has introduced me to other professionals that now support me in my business; HR, website services, legal and recruitment. As a small business owner, my business is on track and I feel supported and confident in the knowledge I am receiving the right advice. That is invaluable.”

Mahamood Faiyaz | CEO | Plasfab & All Marine Glazing

Helen is motivating, friendly and easy to work with and has challenged me to move to the next step both personally and in my business. I am very pleased with the tangible results. I recommend Helen very highly as a person of integrity who goes the extra mile with her clients.” 

Mark Seabrook  |  Managing Director  | PatinaForm

Helen coached me on how to use Outlook more efficiently and effectively over several months. The coaching was amazing and kept me on track, reinforcing simple systems that made a difference. I now work at a better pace and achieve a better outcome. The key benefit was the reinforcement of the important things I need to do to be effective in my work. Helen is extremely helpful and was an absolute pleasure to work with, making it easy for me to follow the necessary steps. ” 

Jo de Beer | Professionals

I have been working as a dentist for nearly 30 years as a practitioner and recently have had the opportunity to work as a Lead Clinician driving the business. I also have a side business that I am developing. Working with Helen as a Business Coach has taken me into areas that I never would have thought of and has been incredibly helpful. Starting this journey in management there is so much that I don’t know. I have learned about managing the financial side of the business, facilitating the team more effectively, staff evaluation and understanding their strengths, stress management and how to juggle everything by managing my time much better. It is fabulous to have support and practical tools as there is so much to learn in this new role and a lot to put together. I am less stressed and more focused on what I need to do to move the business forward. Helen goes above and beyond in her commitment to support me in my new role and new business to help me achieve my goals.” 

Karen Heslop  |  Lead Dentist  | Lumino

I have engaged Helen as my Business Coach which has been very helpful. The main benefit is I have clarified the things I need to prioritise and the things that require additional effort and focus. The coaching has always been in a judgement-free zone and I have not felt guilty discussing anything, including my worst fears and my wildest ambitions. There have been fantastic benefits in my diary and time management with effective and practical assistance. Helen is non-judgemental, positive, encouraging and has reinforced my path in my business.” 

Principal Lawyer – Victoria, Australia

Helen coached me on my photography business through lockdown, which was a difficult time for me. The biggest impact was the clarity on how to move forward. It was great to have guidance on where to focus and what activities to prioritise. I feel more organised and have more structure which boosts my productivity. I feel calmer, motivated and in control. Helen was great to work with because she is empathetic, understood my position and helped me to emerge from a place where I was stuck. Really appreciated Helen’s style. I felt heard, and empowered to achieve more. ” 

Julie Keegan  |  Ad Hoc Agent Limited

I have been working with Helen since lockdown started in April 2020 and so many things have been of real value. Helen is a voice of calm in a crisis and I was so appreciative knowing I had her support at a time when I couldn’t see the “wood from the trees”. Helen is very practical and taught me lots of things I really didn’t know how to do in my business. She gave me confidence with understanding the numbers and talking to prospective clients. Helen gave me permission to be authentic in my business, I didn’t always have to have all the answers. Helen always follows through on what she says she will do. She is a great connector and will connect you to many. Helen is always calm and instinctively knows what to do next in business. She is structured in her approach, yet also has the flexibility to change course at a moment’s notice when something unexpected comes up. I was ready to give up at one stage and Helen told me directly “hang in there a bit longer”. That has paid off and I am on my way. Helen is a true professional and someone I would recommend highly to help your grow your business. ” 

Gill Bredl  |  Charity Tea

Helen is currently my Business Coach and has been a tremendous help for me to date. Helen is a great listener and helps put your strategies into place and gives you a workable plan. She keeps me accountable always. I personally recommend Helen to be of help to anyone looking for a kickstart or just that crucial support to keep going to achieve key results. ” 

Winston Solomon |  Unicity

Having not applied for a new job in a while I needed a little help to get myself ready to start job hunting again. In these difficult times Helen Corban from Reach Potential is a shining light. Her knowledge of what employers are looking for in a CV and how best to exhibit my skills was enlightening, and her ability to remove the clutter and focus on the end result was just what was needed. Helen is totally professional in her approach but at the same time relaxed and helpful. She listened to what I needed, my expectations and translated that into a perfect solution for me. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Helen” 

Anton Napier