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Business, Time Management & Leadership Coach

Make the most of lockdown with our Email Management Training

“Reach Potential’s vision is to add enormous value with time-proven principles, tools and support to enable your business to reach its strategic goals. Are you able to focus on achieving the right results, in your business and your life?” Helen Corban

Lockdown getting you down? Book an “Overcome Stress and Overwhelm” session

Check out this fun video with a few tips on managing your business and your life!

What can I help you with today?

Needing to grow your business? Coaching to make a positive difference.

We help high-achieving business owners thrive, with our business coaching packages. You went into business because you love what you do. But then you found there was all this “running a business” stuff that you have to juggle as well.

Feeling overwhelmed or drowning? Solid strategies to be in control. 

It seems everyone these days has an incredibly busy life, juggling many things at the same time. There is more pressure than ever to be successful and to “do it all”. The impact can be huge! Be proactive, learn simple tools that make a massive difference.

Have you suddenly lost your job? Be ahead of the competition.

If you are in the job market we can help you with all the tools you need to find a great job quickly! Be ahead of the game with a fantastic CV, know the best way to apply, plan your strategy and nail that interview! It is crucial to be organised in this market.

To reach your potential and achieve your goals, you need to be strategic and also enjoy the journey. My role is to help you do that successfully.
Be excited about the possibilities.” 

~ Helen Corban


Love for Reach Potential

“We started a new digital agency 8 months ago and Helen from Reach Potential was recommended to us as a business coach. From the first meeting with Helen we could see that she was passionate about our business growth and she instantly became an intelligent, insightful and valuable external member of our leadership team.
In 8 months we have grown into a viable, thriving business and Helen’s help has been exactly what we needed to keep the growth sustainable and focused. She was the guiding external voice that kept us focused and on-track.
If you are looking for a great business coach then we highly recommend Helen – be ready to be accountable and not just sit and “chat”. Helen is all about making positive change and getting things DONE.
We cannot thank her enough for her help.”

Tom Steward | CEO | Trigger Digital

“I have been working with Helen Corban of Reach Potential as my Business Coach since January 2020 during this challenging Covid environment. As well as having an existing business, I purchased another business at the end of 2019 and it has been an incredibly stressful time managing everything especially with restrictions of lockdowns and supplier issues. Working with Helen has been absolutely fantastic. She always understands what I need, and one of the best things has been her consistent moral support. She always checks in, reaches out and I know she is there for me whenever I need anything. Helen is excellent to deal with, friendly and professional. Helen has introduced me to other professionals that now support me in my business; HR, website services, legal and recruitment. As a small business owner, my business is on track and I feel supported and confident in the knowledge I am receiving the right advice. That is invaluable.”

Mahamood Faiyaz | CEO | Plasfab & All Marine Glazing

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