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Who is Helen Corban? Business Owner, Coach & Training Consultant - Reach Potential

I believe education is one of the keys to a successful life, along with a growth mindset and positive attitude.  I come from a family who prioritised education, though when I initially went to university it was only because of the expectation. I ended up with a Bachelor of Arts in Education (and Psychology), which has been invaluable as I discovered early on that I love to teach, train, coach and mentor people.

My second love is Japan, having lived there for about 4.5 years in total. Japan represents a really special time in my life. I have friendships from my time there that span 35 years now. I still chat weekly with an ex-student to keep my language skills up. He is now in his 70’s. I studied at AUT for 2 years and completed an Advanced Diploma in Japanese. That study took the class to a ski resort in Japan for language study. We had a blast! I also trained time management in Tokyo in the Japanese language over a 2-year period, which was an amazing journey. I had my second baby in the middle of that contract. She came to Japan with me on one trip. Her first ever flight at 4 months was in seat 1A in first class. I was so lucky, she was a dream baby!

Later I was accredited as a Life Coach and recently as a Leadership Coach. My career has always been varied. I have an extensive background in coaching business professionals and delivering effective training to teams. I have been self-employed for over 20 years and have that entrepreneurial spirit with a passion to help businesses go the distance. I also have 15 years experience in training time management in corporates and SMEs. I am fascinated with business and my clients continue to inspire me with their ingenuity and their motivation to succeed. Helping them to achieve their key objectives gives real meaning to my life. That is my “why”. 

Do you want to be strategic, organised, proactive and successful? 

My focus is on helping you to maximise your time and find solutions to grow your business using proven tools and solid methods to make a positive change. 

We all need someone to champion us in our lives and my mission is to be that person, so that the journey is easier, more enjoyable and more successful.

About Helen

Key Strengths:

  • Can quickly assess your immediate requirements
  • Offer a practical coaching service where you will be able to achieve your key objectives and become more proactive so you can focus on the big picture
  • Experienced in training and coaching many people at different stages of life and from all kinds of businesses and backgrounds
  • Passionate about helping people and making a difference – always enthusiastic and motivating, friendly and approachable

Recent Awards:

Coaching Services offered include:

  • Business 
  • Time Management
  • Leadership 
  • Job Search 
  • Life

Love for Reach Potential

Helen is motivating, friendly and easy to work with and has challenged me to move to the next step both personally and in my business. I am very pleased with the tangible results. I recommend Helen very highly as a person of integrity who goes the extra mile with her clients.” 

Mark Seabrook  |  Managing Director  | PatinaForm

Helen is a fabulous time coach. Her hints and strategies have assisted me to save hours every week. A real gem and I would recommend her to busy executives.” 

Stella Green |  Workplace Transformation

Really love some help, but rather talk to me in person?