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NEW - Online Group Program: Business Growth Acceleration through  Effective Time Management & Digital Mastery

A 12-week coaching program that helps Busy, Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs go from overwhelm in business/life to managing everything with ease.  Practical tools and exercises will equip participants to make sure the foundation of their business is rock solid and forward growth is achievable.

Time commitment – 12 hours 1:1 or on Zoom. Action steps during the week are generally 1-2 hours. If there is a large backlog of tasks more time may be needed. Helen is available through the weeks for extra support and to answer any questions.

A recent program graduate says “I needed to invest in myself, a reset to get more in control. The program has definitely reset and rehaped my life. I had lots of “aha” moments. One was that I couldn’t move forward on anything until I addressed one project I had been procrastinating on. I ended up letting that project go, delegating it to the right team who were actually responsible for it. In this super hard market, I am now able to front-foot issues and have the mental space to give my team the support they need. I also go home with an empty Inbox every day. In 25 years in management, that has never hapopened! I feel so much more in control and on top of everything.” 

Key results include

  • The foundation of your business will be reset and any personal roadblocks or limiting beliefs reviewed
  • A plan to move you and your business forward efficiently will be developed
  • You will be motivated, gain clarity and focus and be unconditionally supported to take positive steps forward in the business
  • Create financial results – efficient planning with the business and an effective sales/marketing strategy will focus you on the important activities that will drive your business forward
  • Your time will be maximised – you will be working to the best of your ability. You will save time, and therefore save money, through having effective systems and processes in place
  • You will be on top of your emails, once and for all!
  • Stress and any overwhelm will be dealt with
  • You will feel in control, which means better decisions will be made around the business and the bigger picture
  • Goals and key objectives will be achieved with less stress
  • Getting true positive momentum will feel easier with solid support and accountability
  • Relationships with your clients/network will be optimal
  • Your success and profile in the community will be higher, and opportunities will come your way more often
  • You will be positioned as an expert in your field
Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Business Coaching can help you to achieve new levels of success…

Our tailor-made packages can include:

  • Setting up or reviewing your business plans
  • Addressing your critical challenges
  • Establishing systems and strategies
  • Creating more cashflow and profitability
  • Support to make sure you are staying on the right track
  • Accountability to achieve your key objectives
Helen offers in-person Business Coaching throughout the greater Auckland region, or virtual coaching via Zoom worldwide.

The Process

Step 1

Strategy Session

We meet for a 2-hour strategy session to evaluate areas in your business needing attention.

Step 2

Proposal Plan Discussion

Helen designs a strategic plan for you which is then reviewed, discussed and agreed.

Step 3

Time Frame Agreement

Either 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan is agreed on depending on your goals and needs.

Love for Reach Potential

Helen is motivating, friendly and easy to work with and has challenged me to move to the next step both personally and in my business. I am very pleased with the tangible results. I recommend Helen very highly as a person of integrity who goes the extra mile with her clients.” 

Mark Seabrook  |  Managing Director  | PatinaForm

Helen is a fabulous time coach. Her hints and strategies have assisted me to save hours every week. A real gem and I would recommend her to busy executives.” 

Stella Green |  Workplace Transformation

Really love some help, but rather talk to me in person?